Update: What Comic Art Scammer Josh Hoopes Looks Like Today

Josh Hoopes. Long time readers of mine know him well.

He’s scammed countless creators and publishers. He famously takes artists’ work, presents it as his own, pitches to publishers at low rates, then finds creators to work on the pages of scripts he had been given for much higher rates, and sending them in as his own work. He takes the money from publishers and skips town, only for the artists to see their work published, unpaid, and credited to someone else.

He even managed this pretending to be Art Adams, with publishers like TokyoPop and Desperado Comics soliciting work as drawn by Adams before they realised they’d been had. He also posed as an agent for Wizard World, even trying to team up with Rob Granito.

Most recently living in Sacremento, California, and last criminally active in 2014, he disappeared to Peru for a while. But now he’s back.

A year ago he looked like this (far left).


And he looks like this now.


Everyone out there — check those page rates offered by new creators and publishers. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. And it could be Josh…

Update: What Comic Art Scammer Josh Hoopes Looks Like Today

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